An inspiring couple and their two young girls engaged us to design and build a new house on their 3 acre property in Burnside, near Kilcarnup. Their brief started with the need to accommodate their growing retail fabric design business from home. They also wanted to incorporate a self contained studio for extended family on a permanent basis.

They had a very clear design aesthetic of country style with open shelves and rustic charm. Their living area was designed around their existing furniture items so everything had its place, old with the new. With Italian and Thai heritage they were blending their family histories with a ‘new’ Australian lifestyle which made the design process particularly interesting and enjoyable.

This design was based on sustainable principles to address the need for energy efficiency. All living areas and bedrooms have north facing windows for light and warmth in winter. Deep 1200 eaves help protect the house from summer sun. Cross ventilation is carefully considered with smaller openings on the south side and larger opening to the north to help draw the afternoon breeze through the house. In warm summer months they open their house up early in the morning to trap the cool morning air before closing down through the heat of the day. Later in the day when the sea breeze kicks in they can open up the house again, avoiding the need for air-conditioning.

All internal Jarrah timbers are locally sourced and left untreated with no sealers applied. A custom made pine and Jarrah slider defines the games room and a feature rough sawn Jarrah gable wall creates a warm back drop to the stainless steel kitchen. When all the furniture was moved into place and we were welcomed back for an exceptional Thai meal the combined vision came to life.


Location: Burnside
Date: 2019