When a couple with their two young girls approached us to design and build their new house on a 3 acre property in Burnside, near Kilcarnup, we knew that the project was an opportunity to address a complex situation through architectural solutions. The client needed to accommodate their growing retail fabric design business operated from their home, as well as to incorporate a self-contained studio for extended family on a permanent basis.

With an Italian and Thai heritage, they wanted to blend their rich family history with a “new” Australian lifestyle, mixing the rustic charm of old furniture with a modern design aesthetic. The living area expresses the quintessence of this approach, featuring existing furniture items while optimising the use of shared spaces for a modern and busy family.

The house is very functional. But at the core of its identity is the relationship with the environment surrounding it, and how consideration for energy efficiency has enhanced living in it. This is achieved through the design which is based on sustainable principles. All living areas, including bedrooms, have north facing windows allowing light and warmth in winter; while deep 1200 eaves protect the house from the summer sun. Small openings on the south side and large openings on the north side ensure optimum cross-ventilation, drawing the afternoon breeze through the house. Such design, sensitive to seasonal variations, makes it easy to remain comfortable without the need for air-conditioning. During the warm summer months, the house can be opened up early in the morning to trap the cool morning air, then closed down to prevent the heat of the day to enter, and reopened during the cooler hours when the sea breeze kicks in to refresh the house naturally. 

We create buildings that link the highest standards of constructions to the quality of our physical and emotional health.


  • Material: Timber frame
  • Project size (sq.m.): 170 + 45 (studio)
  • Price range (AU$): 500K
  • Location: Burnside
  • Year: 2019