Being only a 2 minute drive to Dunsborough, this house on a 10,000m2 block feels like a refuge from the busy urban lifestyle allowing the surrounding nature to take centre stage. The design thoughtfully channels the vernacular typology of a bush retreat through a lens of contemporary architecture to create a meditative house where occupants can unwind, relax and reconnect with nature.

The stunning coastal flora with its amazing array of wildflowers, Banksias and Jarrahs was an enviable asset for the owner. Through strategic orientations, the house offers a range of unique views over the surrounding vegetation, allowing it to visually penetrate deep into the house’s interior. Framed views at the end of hallways, picture windows and external timber screening were all carefully considered for framing views and drawing in the landscape to the interior.

Materials included Spotted Gum cladding, rammed limestone walls and Jarrah floorboards. Full height double glazed windows through the living area captures the sky view while permitting sunlight during the colder months of the year as a means of passive heating. These materials allow the house to blend into the site so the landscape becomes the focus. 

With 250m2 floor area, the house offers a flexible spatial arrangement, allowing it to easily adapt over time for family & friends. 


  • Material: Timber frame & rammed earth
  • Project size (sq.m.): 249
  • Price range (AU$): 800K
  • Location: Dunsborough
  • Year: 2017