There is the temptation to fit as large a house as you can afford on your new block of land. Not only does this often result in an oversize house with wasted space, but you end up with little to no garden or outdoor space. This house for a landscape gardener was going to be different, they wanted as much garden maintained as possible on their north facing lot, a large shed for his vintage car and a 3×2 house, all on a 600m2 block near Margaret River. This project was a delight as the owners had confidence from the beginning in the process and this trust was re-paid with a beautifully crafted house. Final detailing was very much a collaboration between owner and designer and this attention to detail made all the difference. From lighting to door furniture, each element was carefully considered to create a warm, contemporary home.

Careful sun study calculations has achieved full thermal control through the seasons with little reliance on heating and cooling. Generously the owners were willing to open up their living area to the neighbours creating a wonderful visual from the street, through the living area and then all the way to the back yard. This concept of engaging the neighbourhood rather than turning your back to it is intended to help revitalise communities and this compact ‘garden house’ does just that.


Location: Margaret River
Date: 2016